Sunday, November 28, 2010

linkin park

Drafted this in august 10th 2004, thats like 6 years back...pretty much around the time i passed out of TSM...wonder how much i have changed since then.....hmmm

i like this band !
I adore them !
ok thats it !
now like the random musings of every kid im goin on the same route
the first linkin song that caught my attention was "in the end "
the frank admission of despair and hopelessness at that point of time seemed to be the right thing for me to listen to ...........................

"i tried so hard
went so far ........
but in the end
it doesnt even matter ..."

it sounded so purrfect...

well its been almost a year since then
i fell in love for the first time
had the best time of my life
got somebody to talk to
share ur childish fears
and insecurities....
somebody who tried to go beyond the obvious image drawn by the proximate public opinion and understand the person beyond the skins displayed for the seemingly endless list of wants,needs and aspirations...........

guess im getting too philosophical about something perfectly normal..........

well i dont know

now since all that we have broken up
and life has come to a standstill no that sounds very cliched but yes it does leave behind a vacuum which u find hard to fill......

u start analysing and conjuring up the "if" and "but" situations.....
conduct simulated war games in ur mind....


Before i restart my blogging efforts gonna try to offload almost all of the draft posts...most of them are a reflection of my state of mind...some of em have a personal flavour and some are more within the innocent bystander bucket

Felix !

Not too often that you start a post about another post ...

I'm talking about a short vacation trip taken by a colleage, Igor ofcourse like a lot of us he is much more than a linkedin entry, but for the sake of convenience and my own laziness i would stick to this for the time being. Ofcourse you could also google and hunt down Igor from the interwebs :)

So, Igor and Marta took a trip down to Yemen and you could read about it here on Zaher's blog.

Ofcourse, Yemen is an awesome place for a million reasons....apart from being the cradle of the Arab civilization,it is also one of those few places on earth where you could find an unadulterated state of life without necessarily straying outside the capital city.

Yemen !