Monday, August 30, 2010

Ying or Yang or YIANG !

Im not sure if most of our web persona's serve multiple purposes (personal and professional) in a balanced manner. For to pose more existentially, should they serve such purposes in the first place ?

I have dwelled over this question in light of a fairly active twitter account that i maintain here a facebook account with a pretty heavy base of my professional relations here. In the first place as one of the first generations to tackle the subject of blurring social and professional lines are we there yet to take such calls ?

The web presents an opportunity to do an A/B testing with most things,so i guess there is no harm in trying out a combined effort...besides im in the digital media industry for a simple reason that its more than jus charts and figures so i better find interesting ways to talk business :)

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Bhavishya Kanjhan said...

The problem with web personas is that they eventually start overlapping. A few months ago I decided to keep Twitter for my professional connections and Facebook for personal; but before I knew it I was following and was followed by friends and had FB 'Friendship' requests from Professionals.

With every passing day a little more of our private life becomes public; public in a way no-one cares but still public enough for everyone to see. And with that, we're forced to adopt the way we handle our relationships, all of them. I guess with that it's only a matter of time before we start seeing 'Social Relations Experts'