Sunday, March 11, 2007

Will Someone Please Explain How God Made Robert Plant ?

Thats all i got to say after being treated to an out of the world performance by Robert Plant and the Strange Sensations at the Dubai Desert Rock Festival.

The way this guy performs is a complete out of the world experience with the on the spot improvisations of classics such as 'baby im gonna leave you' and 'whole lotta love' by blending it with a heady mix of middle eastern beats as well as other world music inspirations that plant and the rest of the band has been adopting since ages.

Although a lot of people left the venue after the Incubus and the Bravery, for the people who hung on for that little while it was the gig of their lifetime.

One of those rare moments where I wish i was born much earlier so that i could have seen the Led Zeppelin line up in their full glory.

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