Monday, June 19, 2006

Brawny Academy ?

We think we’re insulted by the following, but their execution is so well done, we’re gonna cut them a little slack. Brawny paper towels has launched the Brawny Academy to teach clueless males how to be better boyfriends and spouses. Eight guys from across the country will appear in an ongoing series of Webisodes ( learning “tools and techniques they can use to be more helpful around the house. The intensive nuts-and-bolts training covers key chores, giving the guys a clue about cooking, cleaning, caring for children, and fixing things,” Brawny said in a release. We have to grudgingly admit that the introductory episode is pretty funny, where the guys are on a bus to the “academy,” wondering aloud why they’re even there. The Bounty brand name is prominent throughout in the piece created and produced by Fallon Worldwide, so we’ll be sure to bookmark this site for future visits. We think a similar venture that featured apparently clueless women would be met with howls of protest, but we have to admit they had us at “Hello.”

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brawny brand. NOT Bounty. Bounty would be too lame to come up with this thing!

As a woman, I love this!!