Monday, October 24, 2005

back to vertu

hmm after quite a while im back to blog ;-)
i can already feel the rust in my mind and between my fingers
and the reluctance to wield the mind to squirt out thoughts is quite there
and now somehow after yesterday had this urge to go ahead and ramm it all out on my qwerty board :-)

had a relatively eventful weekend .........
confrontation with the past
resolution over the present
and a struggle to jump into the future

now thats a wierd way of puttin it all across

jus cut out a sporadic (and maybe for my close friends, frequent)burst of anger from here jus now ......

and right now its quite well past midnight and im still at my office reading random stuff and thinkin on a crazy tangential trip ....

with nothin major to think or do in the past few days i been quite depressed of this state of rotten inertia

and to think of it all
where to dump this lump of frustration
and where to spit this ball of phelgm stuck in my throat
forcing me to choke even over a sip of water

where ? vertu ?

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