Thursday, September 22, 2005

Talk , Talk

A long conversation always helps :-) , atleast thats what a chatterbix like me always wants to believe.
The last two days i have been contemplating and evaluating a very important decision regarding my career and therefore the future course of a significant part of my life.
I had Two of the most frank and unbiased conversations of my life with two people who werent the closest of my freinds or acquaintances but yet know me reasonably well enough to help me in structuring my decision making process .

Lets see, i think things are looking far more clearer and in perspective than ever before and soon i guess i will be posting the whole story in all its bloody glory



Ankita said...

so have u made the right decision now... n are happy abt it... which is vey important...

Dusty said...

Hey, all the very best in whatever you have decided to do.