Monday, August 08, 2005

Ghanta !

yes..the familiar expression of dissapointment and anger that one hears in every nook and corner in India er...North India :-) !

am quite pissed with myself over the haphhazard works that i manage to get into and get out of in the past few weeks ....

of course the foreboding sense or you could maybe call it a tinge of arrogance is there......the sense of dooming bravado which one could identify with frank abagnale is there....something almost like 'catch me if you can '.

was bragging in the morning to a colleague how i bshitted my way thru a ppt presented to a client whom everybody places on the pedestal .

ofcourse i could summon the powers at my will ....but for how long ?

and how sustainable is this instant unkarma gonna last ?

as my dad says after one of those never ending question(airre) loops of mine :-)

allah kareem !

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Naina said...

Ghanta! Indeed.

As dear ratty puts it - dont pass through like a ship in the night.

Will elasticity of change is quite high. With every little increase in will subject to given direction and goal, the change in CHANGE is quite high.
Heheheh gudluck!