Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Road Runnin at 2Mbps !

One of the smartest brand extensions that i have seen in recent times.Time Warner AOL,arguably the worlds largest media conglomerate owns the looney tunes characters including the likes of bugs bunny,dafy duck,wily E coyote,speedy gonsalves etc.
Now Rodrunner one of my fav characters is renowned hehheeee for his speed which saves him from his nemesis, wily E coyote......
and when time warner had to start a broadband service apart from the AOL family,guess what they called it :-) , Roadrunner !
very smart , and very innovative definitely a cool name and identity in a market which has very cold and techie kind of dead names like AOL,MSN,Comcast,SBC yuck !

check out Roadrunner Website

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