Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Harami-est Cat of em all !

Hey found this really coolcat :) (literally one !)
He is one helluva pussy who is really looking for you guessed right more pussies
ok all those who have a PG rating inside their heads kindly refrain from reading ahead............
Fritz was born one fine day in the 70's to Mr Ralph Bakshi who also fathered Mighty Mouse as well a couple of other cool charatcters...........

More about fritz (courtesy wikipedia)

Fritz the Cat is a comic book character created by Robert Crumb during the height of the underground comics movement of the 1960s. Crumb cast his character of Fritz as a trouble-making, anti-establishment, college-age figure whose adventures consisted of having sex with as many anthropomorphic female animals as possible, while staying one step ahead of the law.

The popularity of the character of Fritz the Cat led up-and-coming animation director Ralph Bakshi to make Fritz the star of his first animated feature film. Released to theaters in 1972, Bakshi's film Fritz the Cat was the first animated feature film to be rated X, something that had been unheard of in movies up until this film. The movie was a box-office hit, drawing in audiences as much for its shock value as for its appeal to the "love generation" of the 1960s.

The animated film is a satire on college life of the 1960s: while Fritz doesn't attend any classes during the movie, he participates in major social upheavals based around the popular college protest movement of the time. Fritz invites several girls to his "pad" for an orgy, does a lot of drugs, escapes when the place is raided by the police, takes part in organizing an angry, violent mob that riots against "authority" (without actually figuring out what the target of its anger is), is briefly associated with a terrorist group similar to the Black Panthers, and apparently "dies" at the film's climax (before coming back for one final roll in the hay with his young, nubile girlfriends).

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