Saturday, June 04, 2005

D-uh !

Ok all my colleagues from Delhi readin this (If they ever ! :-) ) take relief in the fact that despite all the hype and all the envy that we tried to create, D turned out to be a slight dissapoinment :-(.................................

Ok the one liners were kinda ok , Hooda was good , infact one of the most impressive debuts in recent times(yeah if u count out the Ch%%$ p@##$%^ role he did monsoon wedding).

Chunkey u better stick to bangladeshi movies.....always liked u as a spontaneous actor but kinda lost it ...try gettin it back ...else a restaurant or turn into a director ...................

sushaant singh (Maj Akbar from Lakshya Fame) disappointed after promising a lot in lakshya anything else u all remember ?

yashpal sharma (Lakha from Lagaan fame)loved ! especially the maa-behean and Ghanta ! stuff , u wud even make a delhi blue line driver cringe with your dialogue er....gali delivery

goga kapoor Uncleji aap kyon takleef kar rahe hain ? hum aapke anginat films ke scenes ko idhar udhar se nikalke silake ek naya hashim bhai ko banatay iske liye khaday honay ki kya xaroorat hain ?

Rukhsar was looking seductive,voluptious or rather in our backroom language sexy auntyish :D ! but she is more of a token she's got to prove otherwise

isha kopikkar was impressive evn without the maar daala number....though she might have got less than 5 mts she's over delivered in an under delivering role.

the film traces the growth of deshu, who builds his own gang in the mumbai underworld but the amount of realism and grit that was present in satya and company is not present here.

instead of creating an opinion , you jus remain a passive viewer watching the mindless shootouts ......

overall comin from the varma camp,dissapointing but definitely worth a check considering the other options hehehhee.

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