Saturday, April 09, 2005

ooh...aaahhhh...mmmmm......Just One Bite

obviously the title is delcious and inviting ,a lil kinky perhaps well..i quite agree to all of the above...most of the time when we are highly strung ..esp in the times that we are livin ..all it takes one liberated dose of a whimsical and this is just one of those days ...when doing a completely close door private visit to the cyber pornwallah(pornwalli) in this case could be such a relieving experience...esp when that person happens to be a boringly self posessed wimp like me...hmm wonder how many of my offline friends are reading this as of now....oh yeah i do visit porn sites and excuse me not for any online strategising or consumer research ....but mostly for my bout of voyeurism....but that was long back esp since high school ....but to be honest ....the bite seems to present a pretty refreshing look at online pornography(not porn !) and it takes the intimacy of blogging to another the one hand while i say this let me also add that the same anonymity of web might be allowing a kinky SOB (in CAPS) to swindle a lot free admiration behind this whole facade...whatever be it ......i guess i 'll have one more ...
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