Saturday, April 30, 2005

40 thoughts,40 lessons,or 40 more reasons to float in the air ......The Wired 40

Every year the media comes up with all sorts of rankings and listings to temporarily steal your attention to what they got to say and put their opinions ......Its a very effective tool .
But increasingly most lists are getting predictable and very little value add for the smarter and the evolved reader.
wired , why don't u guys start learning from these companies whom you gloat over ? Try some Innovative and enjoyable subjects and methods to attract and sustain eyeballs ?
anyways whoever wants to , can check out the latest wired 40 lists ....
nothing much to write home about all the usual suspects this time even Infosys, as a flag bearer of the outsourcing world.
Wired 13.05: The Wired 40: "'In a few years, you'll be driving your Google to the Google to buy some Google for your Google.' "

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