Wednesday, March 09, 2005

An ode to the teflon coated yuppie

drop by drop
as it drips
i can see u smile
as i melt away
u shine for another night

mourn another birth
of a moulavi mushroom
earlier the better denim fade
patch on loins protect thy metrosexual bum

down the road flows
streams of my gore
seeping through champagne streams
bubbling through my very veins

winding up the narrow creases
etched in my cut veins
mapped through your view
to reflect the torn hopes of vain

pain seeps through every pore
that you poked all year long
to bring monsoons of joy
on your teflon coated face

the world doesnt demand
another cobain in vain
cant afford a wasted chance
to redeem a point for loyalty

tommorow would rise a sorry punk
exhorting tales of existential illusions
gloating to glory with ppt
pin striped morrison smiling for cnbc

ferrari would mean a thousand orgasms
blooming on tianmen square so red
sorry naomi klein no more logo for this boy
find another poster boy to whip ali bhoy

claim another soul to seed another life
this one's done with
move ahead in life
find a better thrust

crusts in the upper
sounds super duper
disco balls shining all night through
30+ aunties probing me through

aerodynamic glands crafted from duralium
lends more G-force when its needed most
landings smooth guaranteed runway
who needs the friggin radio any way

roger me on this forsaken souls
lifes pretty easy without black boxes
all you need is a usb drive yaar
instant karma atleast at karwar

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