Thursday, February 10, 2005

Gee that sounds like peggie next door ....

well for all u know , the anonymity the web provides and the supposedly intimate nature of the blog has given rise to a new breed of refreshingly candid disclosures about personal experiences , sexuality,individual artistry(though in disputable area's) and whole lot of individual chutzpah.Gone are the days when art and byond art expression required an intermediary .....esp electronic arts ..maybe im gettin too excited abut this but the nature of the web and enablers like digital photography,camphones,RSS, etc has already changed the face of mass media forever.

Pakistan would be one of the last places on earth where would find a teeming underground rock music scene.but surprisingly a new generation of musicans have leveraged the span of the web to reach out to a seemingly small but relevant audience.The audience for alternate rock in pakistan would maybe only a few thousands and that too spread across the country ...which effectively seals out the fate of many a talented band.But a new crop of bands like EP, Jal, etc have used the web to shout out their existence to teh rest of the world.The song "Aadat" by jal which was widely circulated across the web was the clinching factor in the ascent of the band into the top charts.

So welcome the age of the "well-connected" artist in its truest sense !

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