Wednesday, February 09, 2005

back !

hmm feels much relieved sittin infront of the monitor and jammin out all that i feel like jammon put .....hmm after quite a while of simply trying to ram out lines on to my blog i guess maybe im in amood to maybe glib a lil more ...who knows maybe this trail might just end here well...after a lil while of voluntary retirementesque or maybe even compulasory retirementesque feels a lil strange and awkward or maybe it might be a bad hangover after a deep slumber ...god alone knows....dunno what i was earlier but im havin this bad feelin creepin inside that things werent this bad...atleast i had a career and somebody to look upto for...but now almost 6 months to it more lost than ever ......feeling like runnin away ...but where to ?....the pangs of loneliness doesnt split from where you are....its more or less stitched into ...or rather embroidered into your soul like a nightmarish tatoo....regretful from the moment that you have noticed....however painful it feels has to be removed before it causes any more pain...but the one time pain is going to be infinitely painful...but still thats much more acceptable than this enduring sense of numbness...eating away whatever is left of a dismay-infested existence....But how ?

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