Sunday, February 27, 2005

Can there be an lil bit of em in us ?

the one thing about eminem is that you love him or hate him ....u jus cant ignore him....the first time i noticed him was in the 2000 mtv awards...when the M jus marched or better made his way to the music world.......since then he has proved to be one of the most popular yet fiercely opinionated pop culture icons of our times...from the iraq war to gay rights to inter artist rivalries..the man had an opinion what provoked me to say all this...hmm the song "mockingbird" awesome effort addressing the dysfunctionality in american homes....yeah i can already hear the jeerings about being iwould rather listen to this than the two pence bubble gum pop ......

Friday, February 25, 2005

Shacked in a Lush Bed

Your Truly has been travelling on a buisness trip to mumbai or the erstwhile bombay...somehow i dont like the M name and i would be using the B name ....
wud try to post some of my observations and rants abt this one of a kind place....

Day 1 Friday 25/2/05
slept at 3am woke or better got out of bed 6:30 ...rushed to office to collect tickets ...relatively uneventful flight ...a cheap no frills airline ...deccan airlines...quite liked the model they are attempting in India...simply fly the tagline itself says everythin.....log on tickets...print em out...walk into the airport....and jus fly .....of course no booked seats ....first come first served window seats.....slightly uncomfortable legroom...but at 40% cheaper rates who cares ? at least in india ......a lot of ppl dont.....
so after all that landed up in office.....took a meetin...did some work...
went out.............

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Way to go Coldplay

eversince i heard their first or maybe second album , the music of coldplay has been sort of haunting me ...its got this wonderful sound ...thats the word i was searchin for .....and as most net savvy fans do ..i checked out their website..kinda cool very bluesque ver coldplay after that i jus signed up for their newsletter....they been kinda late ..but still its pretty neat and informative ..

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Gee that sounds like peggie next door ....

well for all u know , the anonymity the web provides and the supposedly intimate nature of the blog has given rise to a new breed of refreshingly candid disclosures about personal experiences , sexuality,individual artistry(though in disputable area's) and whole lot of individual chutzpah.Gone are the days when art and byond art expression required an intermediary .....esp electronic arts ..maybe im gettin too excited abut this but the nature of the web and enablers like digital photography,camphones,RSS, etc has already changed the face of mass media forever.

Pakistan would be one of the last places on earth where would find a teeming underground rock music scene.but surprisingly a new generation of musicans have leveraged the span of the web to reach out to a seemingly small but relevant audience.The audience for alternate rock in pakistan would maybe only a few thousands and that too spread across the country ...which effectively seals out the fate of many a talented band.But a new crop of bands like EP, Jal, etc have used the web to shout out their existence to teh rest of the world.The song "Aadat" by jal which was widely circulated across the web was the clinching factor in the ascent of the band into the top charts.

So welcome the age of the "well-connected" artist in its truest sense !

Sexbomb ? not im not talkin abt ur @##$$%^^ !

Hmm i knew the yankees were desperate but itna !(TRANSALATED: This Much !) never to get an idea of what im talkin abt ....u must check this link out WMB

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

back !

hmm feels much relieved sittin infront of the monitor and jammin out all that i feel like jammon put .....hmm after quite a while of simply trying to ram out lines on to my blog i guess maybe im in amood to maybe glib a lil more ...who knows maybe this trail might just end here well...after a lil while of voluntary retirementesque or maybe even compulasory retirementesque feels a lil strange and awkward or maybe it might be a bad hangover after a deep slumber ...god alone knows....dunno what i was earlier but im havin this bad feelin creepin inside that things werent this bad...atleast i had a career and somebody to look upto for...but now almost 6 months to it more lost than ever ......feeling like runnin away ...but where to ?....the pangs of loneliness doesnt split from where you are....its more or less stitched into ...or rather embroidered into your soul like a nightmarish tatoo....regretful from the moment that you have noticed....however painful it feels has to be removed before it causes any more pain...but the one time pain is going to be infinitely painful...but still thats much more acceptable than this enduring sense of numbness...eating away whatever is left of a dismay-infested existence....But how ?