Tuesday, November 09, 2004

By Jove, That was Great !!!!!!!!!!

Ok overviews knows how cash-strapped European soccer clubs are getting these days ... hmmm wonder how their Latin American counterparts are doing... Ok they will never be cash strapped coz you need some amount of cash for bing strapped for it right ? (remember Argentina few years back.. No im not talking about evita.....bozo.... The damn monetary crunch )

ok now back to the economics in sports ... The huge transfer fees which the mega clubs like man utd and real Madrid pay these days leave them gasping for more and when your national economy itself isn't doin that great then where do you go ?

The Sponsors and the upstart rich silly ...........

you got the neo-rich from Russia and bigwigs like Thaksin Shinawatra , the Thai premier and one of the richest guys in Asia lining up in the premier league to buyout properties up for sale ........

even after all this what if you are still gasping for more ????????????????????/

then you start singing "everything I do , I do it for you" to the holy souls of the Corp world !
and that what you get to see right here ................

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