Wednesday, October 06, 2004

my sporadic interests

So after a quite "eventful" week at my first job ,just felt like loggin on here and jus spittting out a few thoughts.............
After spending almost a year of my life in internships across many places like JWT,AC Nielsen,The Times Of India amd all , now joining a company for good , still feelin like im in another internship
that sense of belongingness and continuity hasnt yet dawned on me yet
dunno why ?
and somewhere im feelin like im not in exactly the same wavelenght as these people
The main reason why i got into this place was becoz i wanted to have space for my thoughts and ideas ....
this place is already turning out to be a nightmarish system,just thinking about churning out work in time.

At the end of the day or even at the beginning of the day the client is hiring us to provide something which is beyond his capabilities otherwise any fool could get a graphich designer and a computer to craft average ,middle of the road creatives.
Creative uniqueness with strategic direction would be the process that drive the effort toward acieving the objective of the client brief and not the process of finding satisfaction in meeting impossible deadlines and constraints.

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