Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai ?The McKinsey Quarterly: China and India: The race to growth

The comparison between India and China two of the largest behemoths in all meanings of the word has been done for an umpteen number of times ,especially the Indian media who seem to display a n acute shortage of debatable subjects, the tut simply remains that on most coparable baisis china trups india due to the sheer size of its markets and the dynamics of a liberal yet tightly reined in fiscal policy where the yuan is devalued to a point where it is affeting the american economy in a signficant way .
The issues raised in the Mckinsey quarterly show the road not taken for india and china , while one is recasting itself as the hub of the outsourced services industry the other has already been the ultimate factory yard for yhe world.
The major difference between the two remains the orientation of the government and the mentality of the entrepreneurs in tackling the issue of generating income.

The McKinsey Quarterly: China and India: The race to growth

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