Thursday, October 21, 2004

Branson bolte bolte yahaan tak aa gaya ..........

One of the most unique excerises which i undertook as a postgradstudent of marketing at the Times School Of Marketing(, my alma mater was an excercise called Book Presentation's the title itself is self explanatory as the whole excercise is all about deeply studying the subject,content and context of the book and making a multimedia presenation to the class as well as an eminent panel consisting of the top media nd marketing professionals of New Delhi, and therfore possibly of India.
The first book which got presented inthis annual excercise was "Loosing My Virginity" the story of the self made billionaire Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Group.
Boy that was almost a year back and now sitting atmy office and going through an old issue of slate again i bump into this guy.
The fascination still lingers on in my mind as i recall the of how dazed i was when i read about how an ordinary teenager could start with something as obscure as selling music cassettes and LP's through mail order and then bolstering that with a youth mag .

That was very similar to my first venture, a campus tabloid called "Campus Times",it was just a single issue wonder due to a lot of reasons.

Now This is getting really biographical , but what the heck i know quite well that this is gonna be a one reader blog .

Ok so this is how it goes......................

I was a Pre - Degree or by non kerala terms a high school final year student . Ok now why Pre-Degree ,coz this was the peultimate course before undertaking fulltime graduation majoring in a subject.
So during my pre degree days i was quite a wild and reckless kid, very undiplomatic and didnt even know what tact or "playong it smooth meant " . Being one of the most outspoken as well one of the few kids aroun who can jab a few lines of neruda and marquez and pack in a punch into a five minute fiery speech about youth liberation,unemployment and the Global Neo-Colonial Conspiracy to chain the Socio-Economic Freedom of the developing third world (Phew That was mouthful ! ).
So now u willbe having a clear picture of what it would be like growing up in a politically fertile swampland sloshed with a healthy dose of violence,communal prejudices and other blah blah blahs which i wont be mentioning coz that would lead to another batch of truckloads of unmouthable mouthfuls (jeez now where did that come from !)
Ok in these circumstances that i grew in , i had to choose between the two predominant student parties in the college Kerala Students Union (KSU) and Students Federation Of India (SFI),ignoring sidekicks like the pro-nationalist extra lager saffronite ABVP , the confused self proclaimed speedy gonsalvic AISF.
Now a little about the donkey and elephant of my college .
KSU (I'll be only using three letter words !) and SFI were the two poles apart of the kerala society , both representing the diverse socio-cultural backgrounds of students .KSU or the congress backed wing was percieved to be a central right pro democratic pro rich and pro everything thing !. whereas the SFI was the braiwashed leftwing intelligentsia or thats what they thought they were and thats wthat they were forcing others to believe.
Looking back and that too almost 5 years ago i cant help laughing at all the antics and the self proclaimed stabs at rehearsing actual democracy.
Believe this stuff is damn serious that actual murders and attempted murders have happened regarding something as trifle and unecessary as this.
This seems to be developing into an interesting read so for the time being im taking leave .

Fast Company | The Gonzo Way of Branding

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LI said...

Hi ,
Pre-degree .I can understand the dilemma between K S U and SFI , Me a mallu too .Which one did u join?KSU or SFI
;-)?By the way r u in Delhi