Sunday, February 03, 2013

Common sense

Yet another instance where common sense trumps a lot of other things

Friday, May 11, 2012

2007 vs 2012

Ok so 5 years back...where were we with our media consumption habits ?

Kids media
Business to business media

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The buck stops with you

The title is kinda self explanatory right ? Pretty much anything significant that one would have managed to achieve in life would have come at a tremendous amount of investment of time, effort, money, resources, relationships, personal costs etc.... An entrepreneur i happen to know quite closely is running a startup for the past 13 years (how could it be a startup when its 13 years old ?, well thats another story).... Over the past 13 years, he has literally given up everything, relationships, youth, wealth, opportunities and pretty much his own beliefs and what not in a faustian proposition to sustain his venture. The moral right or wrong of this is something very easy to judge and give a green/red signal..but thats not the point im getting at.... I guess at the end of the day, if it has to work..its up to you to make it work... Ofcourse, you can blame your circumstances, birth, parents, partners, status, social mobility and everything else under the sun... but at the end of the day if it has to work..its up to you. Think of the biggest achievement of your life.... did any of these factors matter..or did you just shut up and got the job done ?

The inevitable tragedy of catching cold

When was the last time you were hit by that tingling in the throat and the loud groan oh f**#^#^, not again !

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hitched mans guide to galaxy

Well i suppose every average man of 20+ and of Indian parentage should remind himself (if not be ready to be reminded everyday by the countless cousins, relatives blah blah) that one day, you will be running down the aisle

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

it all boils down to the same old things

Like one of my favourite travis songs goes

Its about that moment, that pharase, that word, that point of time....

And the best part is that you 'get' it at the end of it all....

Well as they say hindsight is 20/20

Monday, December 06, 2010


Most of my movie, tv series discoveries actually come via referrals from in point being the last few TV series that i have been hooked on like Dexter , Entourage , How I Met Your Mother or lately Boardwalk Empire

Now lately after lot of subtle and not so subtle nudges and prods from some of my friends i have discovered the joys of nuclear fission as the worlds of geeks and hot chicks im not talking about Beauty and the Geek have to admit that my guts cant take reality television....but thats a different story. Now case in point being The Big Bang Theory which could be explained as "centered around five characters: two roommate Caltech geniuses, experimental physicist Leonard Hofstadter and theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper; their neighbor across the hall Penny, an attractive blonde waitress and aspiring actress; and Leonard's and Sheldon's equally geeky and socially awkward co-workers and friends Howard Wolowitz, an Aerospace engineer and a non-PhD from JPL, and Rajesh Koothrappali, a particle astrophysicist postdoc also working at Caltech. The geekiness and intellect of the four guys are contrasted for comic effect with Penny's social skills and common sense.[3][4] Three other supporting characters have also been promoted to main cast status for a few episodes: Leslie Winkle, a Caltech colleague of Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj; Bernadette, a microbiology student who works with Penny part time as a waitress; and Amy Farrah Fowler, a friend of Sheldon, who is a girl, but not a girlfriend"

You can get a feel of the show here:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

linkin park

Drafted this in august 10th 2004, thats like 6 years back...pretty much around the time i passed out of TSM...wonder how much i have changed since then.....hmmm

i like this band !
I adore them !
ok thats it !
now like the random musings of every kid im goin on the same route
the first linkin song that caught my attention was "in the end "
the frank admission of despair and hopelessness at that point of time seemed to be the right thing for me to listen to ...........................

"i tried so hard
went so far ........
but in the end
it doesnt even matter ..."

it sounded so purrfect...

well its been almost a year since then
i fell in love for the first time
had the best time of my life
got somebody to talk to
share ur childish fears
and insecurities....
somebody who tried to go beyond the obvious image drawn by the proximate public opinion and understand the person beyond the skins displayed for the seemingly endless list of wants,needs and aspirations...........

guess im getting too philosophical about something perfectly normal..........

well i dont know

now since all that we have broken up
and life has come to a standstill no that sounds very cliched but yes it does leave behind a vacuum which u find hard to fill......

u start analysing and conjuring up the "if" and "but" situations.....
conduct simulated war games in ur mind....


Before i restart my blogging efforts gonna try to offload almost all of the draft posts...most of them are a reflection of my state of mind...some of em have a personal flavour and some are more within the innocent bystander bucket

Felix !

Not too often that you start a post about another post ...

I'm talking about a short vacation trip taken by a colleage, Igor ofcourse like a lot of us he is much more than a linkedin entry, but for the sake of convenience and my own laziness i would stick to this for the time being. Ofcourse you could also google and hunt down Igor from the interwebs :)

So, Igor and Marta took a trip down to Yemen and you could read about it here on Zaher's blog.

Ofcourse, Yemen is an awesome place for a million reasons....apart from being the cradle of the Arab civilization,it is also one of those few places on earth where you could find an unadulterated state of life without necessarily straying outside the capital city.

Yemen !

Friday, October 15, 2010


Have you ever wanted something so badly and not had it ?

Whats the most insane and way out of the way thing you have ever tried when you want something so badly ?

When was the last time you really went out of your way to get something ?

And if you did..... how far out there did you go ?

Did you really put yourself exposed and out there ?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ying or Yang or YIANG !

Im not sure if most of our web persona's serve multiple purposes (personal and professional) in a balanced manner. For to pose more existentially, should they serve such purposes in the first place ?

I have dwelled over this question in light of a fairly active twitter account that i maintain here a facebook account with a pretty heavy base of my professional relations here. In the first place as one of the first generations to tackle the subject of blurring social and professional lines are we there yet to take such calls ?

The web presents an opportunity to do an A/B testing with most things,so i guess there is no harm in trying out a combined effort...besides im in the digital media industry for a simple reason that its more than jus charts and figures so i better find interesting ways to talk business :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Ram Charan is a leading management gur

Easily one of the most relevant tool for a manager ....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Looking under the rocks

I have noticed that there are quite a few posts of mine which are unpublished and lying in the draft stage...waiting to be discovered...

Hmm so before i write or cook anything new, its better i release them off !

Moksha !

Enter the dragon

Ok, this post is more for my own reading than anything else...i mean with such a long lull i dont really think that there are that many readers lurking around.

I guess the brief or rather long hiatus saw me jumping ship from blogging on to tweeting owing to the ease of updating it and sheer laziness. More of the latter though :)

Having said that i must admit that a blog is far more of a personal space to rant and to randomly post your thoughts. The fact that there is no immediate readership or that there is no character limit are quite reassuring and enables you to share your thoughts with flow and devil may care flair.

so i guess i will try yet again to be a regular blogger, just like i have tried quite a few things :)

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Nothing more to add
fad another one to dabble
enable more of the same
lame sounds more of hall of shame

to be continued

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hibernate Mode ?

I have been quite irregular and not been making much progress as a blogger and hence its better i move on to something more LIVE !

My rants are up and running on Twitter ...Add me in and we can start the conversation....

You will find me here

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stop Being Greedy and You'll Make More Money? really ?

Stop Being Greedy and You'll Make More Money

I dont know wether the below theory applies to life in general may be it does ......

I guess if you keep doing what you are passionate about ...then the chances are you will do more rights and less wrongs and hence do great in the long run.......atleast even if doesnt work out you would still hit a 90 on the happiness and self satisfaction scale

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Chubby Cheeks Dimple Chin

Its pretty hard for one to come and start banging on the keyboard to come up with a half decent blogpost on something even barely interesting (er..remotely if i may add).

Well lemme try recollecting what i have been upto today.......

As usual most of the time at office was spent on firefighting , london bridge and all associated paraphernalia was falling down or god-damn them...were buring in all their glory.

Nero, as usual was fiddling while I was burning :-)

But then i guess this comes as the package from mephist0pheles................

Monday, June 18, 2007

Advertising Age - MediaWorks - CNN the TV Channel Is No Match for CNN the Website

Advertising Age - MediaWorks - CNN the TV Channel Is No Match for CNN the Website

Silly simply down and out thoughts on the way to building the murdochian empire :-)

Well the last bit of the headline was a madeup .....
A madeup to hide the dissapointment..the heart wrenching pain and angst

Hmm thats too much of a melodramatic shag .....

But it wasnt too easy to let her go .....

When all along you know that this road jus leads to where you dont wanna go , then why ?

Why the fuck ?

It's so sad to be alone
No one cares for no one's home
So if you're there
Pick up the phone
Cos I'm standing on my own

Ain't it good to know you're right
And don't it soothe (suit) the darker nights
But pretty soon it will be light
Ain't it good to know you're right

But I'm standing on my own
And this house is not a home
It's so sad to see you go
Things are high, things are low
And it's good to know you know
If you got nowhere to go
And you could spend the night with me
I will sleep on the settee

It's so sad to be alone
No one cares cos no one's home
So if you're there
Pick up the phone
Because I'm standing on my own
Because I'm standing on my own

Yeah there you go on another lyrical suicide .........

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007

How to get into the elite leagues ?

There is something about elitism that captures the fancy of our minds.....the elusive social clubs, the memebership in a certain association, and for a lot of Indians like me getting admitted to the right schools and universities..allthese things play an important role on your success.

Or does it ?

In this interesting take by Malcolm Gladwell discusses the social and racial considerations that the Ivy league schools have been adopting for the last few decades to maintain the 'luxury-brand' 'Elitist' brand equity.

Factors such as physical features, race, religious beliefs, amongst others are digged out, by the admissions board to assure themselves that they have brought on board the right candidate.

More dope here ....

La-Z-boy Feat Jassim

Had quite an eventful start to the week with the OMD Masterclass, on which i plan to blog seperately along with the few other interesting encounters of the week .

But then the apparent laziness and the inherent weakness of mine as well as of the rest of the larger web community to be a passive consumer and observer of whats happening around us seemed to get the better of me.

Hence this pre emptive post before i take a well deserved shower to slump off my weekend slothiness and a bad case of cold.

do i make any sense here ?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

try 'digesting' that !

Ok its not a verfied fact that its a saudi party ....but i got to give it em for such a voracious appetite.

Could it be a brontosaurus biriyani ? ;P

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A phone from google ?

Well well well ..... Now what do we have here ?

Google getting into consumer electronics ?

After a very limited exposure to the hardware scene(through its enterprise search tools) google is now looking interested in the mobile phone/Smartphone sector....apparently they have hired a top notch team and are operating out of spain on a C++/Linux platform based mobile device.

More dope here

Not really sure wether this is the actual thing :-), but if thats how it looks then they got a long way to go .....

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Was looking for some more plant trivia but came across this one ... from here

Smoke On The Water
, by Deep Purple was written on December 4, 1971 in Montreux, Switzerland. They were recording their album at the Casino when a fan shot a flare gun at the ceiling and fire broke out. The title referred to the smoke from the fire spreading over Lake Geneva from the burning casino as the members of the band watched from their hotel across the lake. SOTW is commonly the first song learned by many beginner guitarists. In fact, the song is so popular that one famous guitar store in London used to sport a sign on the wall reading "If auditioning a guitar, please refrain from playing 'Smoke on the Water,' as this is causing our staff mental torture." True story.

Will Someone Please Explain How God Made Robert Plant ?

Thats all i got to say after being treated to an out of the world performance by Robert Plant and the Strange Sensations at the Dubai Desert Rock Festival.

The way this guy performs is a complete out of the world experience with the on the spot improvisations of classics such as 'baby im gonna leave you' and 'whole lotta love' by blending it with a heady mix of middle eastern beats as well as other world music inspirations that plant and the rest of the band has been adopting since ages.

Although a lot of people left the venue after the Incubus and the Bravery, for the people who hung on for that little while it was the gig of their lifetime.

One of those rare moments where I wish i was born much earlier so that i could have seen the Led Zeppelin line up in their full glory.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dictator 2.0

So saddam's gone .....stalin,mao,hitler,pol pot, pinochet,and mussolini along with some of their other illustrious colleagues are resting somewhere on the earths crust ......

So what would the next generation of them look like ?

Pin striped ?

or the camouflaged quasi soldier ?

Check out this interesting piece omn Qantara